Passione Pane is now Passione.


We’re starting the new year with a new brand.

The team at Passione Pane has been working closely with Dallas based graphic designer, Tony Carranza. Part of our strategy included simplifying our name and really digging deep into what makes our restaurant special.

Passione has always been a casual destination with exceptional quality, but we wanted our brand identity, culinary arts, and interior atmosphere to be one cohesive concept. Since day one, our name has said it all. Passione Pane, which in Italian translates to passion for bread. For us, it's more than just pizza–this is a craft founded on years of tradition and passion.

As we roll out our new materials, you'll start to get a feel for our new look and the bold new direction we're taking our restaurant. Branded apparel like t-shirts and hats will be available on our webshop. We'll post new items on social media, so be sure to follow us @passionepizzaco and support your local pizzeria!

Victor Stecenko