A new story with the same passion.


Don’t worry–the pizzeria is in good hands.

For years Passione Pane has been serving authentic Italian recipes to the Fishers and Geist area. The previous owner, Sam Chamsine believed in offering quality gourmet pizzas at a take-out style convenience. A formula that has proven to work out well in a competitive industry.

With over 25 years of experience in the culinary industry, Sam brought his Passion from Europe to Fishers, Indiana. Over the years, Sam has established Passione Pane as the go-to place for Neopolitan pizza. In that success, there was a need for an apprentice to join the team as Sam was the only pizza chef.

In 2015, the first apprentice to join that team was Ashley Stecenko, a Passione Pane regular whose family loved the wood oven style pizza. As a Herron graduate in Painting, she was no stranger to understanding another craft in the culinary arts. The business was operating twice as smooth and eventually, Ashley's brother Tristan joined the team as the next apprentice.

By the end of their first year together the team felt like a family who all shared a strong passion for bread. Since the restaurant's opening in 2014, the business has done very well. However, it's been 5 years now and Sam was ready to pursue new passions.

Before contacting any third party investors, Sam first asked the Stecenko family if they were interested in taking over the business as new owners. This was a venture that has always crossed their minds and so naturally the answer was yes.

The transition would start at the beginning of 2019 with the Stecenko family as the official new owners. In new ownership came great responsibility to the family, which was to preserve the tradition of craft and quality that Sam had consistently provided over the years. Those recipes haven't changed and their vision is to only build upon on that success.

Victor Stecenko